Avaram Senna - The miracle flower!

Avaram Senna is another miracle flower that contains anthraquinone and glycosides which are organic compounds commonly found on it bark and flowers. These compounds are the constituents of laxative drug and detoxifying agents and it is present in adequate quantity in this flower tea. It helps in the relaxation and contraction of the intestinal muscle and help with the movement of food substances down the digestive tract. It also helps with the movement of the end product of digestion (feces) out of the large intestine and colon thus improving the overall health of the digestive system.

The laxative property of this tea is as a result of fermentation and conversion of glycosides into a purgative agent. This dry flower tea works wonder and have a very minimal cramping effect while detoxifying the body. Senna flower also have antioxidants that are great for treating stomach ulcer and intestinal congestion.

 Senna flower tea and extract are used as blood cleanser to improve lymphatic circulation and also boost the body's immunity by increasing the body's ability to ward of disease and infections.

The flower is usually pollinated by different insects especially the large female bees thus adding to its medicinal properties.

Liftone Senna flower tea is processed from the flowers of Cassia Senna tree. The flowers are dried at low temperature and milled to bring out fine blend of tea suitable for drinking. The process is carried out under the most hygienic conditions and with the inspection and guidance of our seasoned herbalists, phytologist and microbiologist. It is prepared to retain it high nutritional value to allow for maximum digestion and absorption when taken. To maintain the natural freshness of the product coming from the lab of Possible Green LTD, it is neatly packed in 20 tea bags and carefully arranged in our branded recyclable and bio degradable bags.

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Avaram Senna Tea caffeine free tea is process in Kilinochchi and Jaffna in Sri Lanka and sold around the world. 

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