Our Story

Until the advent of Possible Green LTD and its LIFETONE tea brand, not much was known in the tea world about the endless possibilities embedded in the indigenous herbs and roots. With our emergence, we are able to transform this wealth of indigenous solution into something worth

while and also incorporate it into the modern world. This we have used to quench the taste of people whose life is based on consumption of chemical-based foods and drinks that has caused decline in the overall health status of their body.
Since healthy eating habit which was once transferred from generation to generation was ignored and men adopted GMO which promoted purely profit oriented food and culture at the expense of human health and wellbeing, we decided to use our deep knowledge of the indigenous green leaves and herbs to proffer solution to these health challenges.
Women empowerment program 
Possible Green Ltd, Initially established as social enterprise helped by world bank,USAID and GIZ to empower the marginalised   women  around the world. 
The countries 
We are mainly based in Oman, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, UK and Germany as Semi charitable women empowerment entity. We have established our trade program in the other countries such as Namibia, Rwanda and Libya. 
SOUL Twickenham
Soul is the another brand name of Possible Green Ltd, the outlet of which is situated in Twickenham UK; Further information can be found at soulbylifetone.co.uk 

The Organic Growth 

All this motivated a young and promising female entrepreneur who grew up in Sri Lanka and others around the world to establish Possible Green LTD. a company where these amazing gifts of nature can be processed to meet the expectation and relevancy of the modern age.
 With this, Possible Green LTD. became a full blown and established company in the United Kingdom and we produce our herbal health teas under the brand name “LIFETONE”. We distribute 200 different varieties of our green and herbal tea and coffee  blends all over the world. Our experience in the field with years of detailed research to produce healthy blend of tea to help everyone achieve a healthy lifestyle in the current generation of GMO and Hybrid foods makes our company and products stand out from the rest.
Our collaboration with various institutions as we are one of the approved providers, and Sidha Ayurveda university of Jaffna  have been contributed to improve our image and growth.

Our tea pouches

Natural Kraft paper is unbleached to ensure minimal chemical treatment and is a bio material that is bio-based and completely biodegradable, which becomes our brand’s unique identity . It is also a mono-material that is easily and frequently recycled. Its mechanical strength makes it perfect for lighter and reusable eco-designed packaging.

Our Team

Our team is a replica of a tripod stand of which if one leg is gone the other two cannot stand. It consists of a chain of suppliers, workers and customers. These three group of people work together to ensure the continuity of our brand.

Our suppliers are selected based on social and environmental criteria. We ensure that what they supply is organically produced since we are an environmentally responsible company ourselves. The suppliers are mainly small scale service providers to ensure that we contribute our quota to the sustainability of SMEs and start-up enterprises. Also, at Possible Green LTD. we prioritize disadvantaged suppliers such as indigenous people, ex-convicts, ex-combatants, unemployed youths, physically challenged individuals, refugees and lots more.
Our workers are group of motivated individuals who love what they are doing and try to input their best all the time. We provide healthy working condition and ensure they are well remunerated for the service they offer to us. Our workforce predominantly consists of women (80%) who are technical specialists in their field. We also accommodate and support pregnant and nursing mothers. Other people who make up our workforce are: Ex-combatants, ex-convicts and disabled individuals. We ensure that all our staffs have access to important information in the language they understand and policies are put in place to check discrimination and harassment.
The third group consists of our customers. We only choose purpose oriented group of people who prioritize the health of the people and a safe planet for everyone. We focus on the disadvantaged groups such as the unemployed youths and the poor to help them make a substantial living by selling our products to them.

Tropical Tea's

Our Teas are produced from therapeutic tropical trees and plants. Each comes with the great taste of a full leaf green tea or spices with the bonus of refreshing tropical flavors. We believe in quality and attention to detail and we ensure none is found wanting in our tea.

We are aware of the fact that as long as we maintain healthy diet with the herbs that grow around us, everyone can live a happy and healthy life and we try our possible best to keep it natural to ensure the purpose for which it is produced and taken is achieved.

Our coffees

We source our coffees from around the world; we also closely work with trader coffee bay situated in Surbiton UK.  Single origin coffees from Rwanda, Papua new Guinea, Honduras, India Sri Lanka, Brazil and Colombia  roasted in the UK and Germany are very popular among coffee lovers. 

Fair Trade Relationship

At Possible Green LTD. we maintain fair trade relationship with all our suppliers and service providers. This we do by ensuring that a fair price is paid to cover the cost as well as support socially and environmentally responsible operations so that no one is short changed for the service they offer us. Also, our payments are made on time without deviation from the initial agreement between us and our suppliers and service providers.
To us at Possible Green LTD. ethical practice is important.

-Possible Green Ltd - The Herbal and Green tea Super Market-