Our Customer Promise


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  • Email: info@possiblegreen.com
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30 Day Money Back Guaranteed

Lifetone 30 Day Money Back Guarantee covers over 99% of the products sold on our website. Protection: you’re covered by Money Back Guarantee if you paid with PayPal.

24/7 Customer Support 

We are here to help our customers with all queries, through email and over the phone. We want to make sure all our customers are satisfied with our products and service. 

Delivery Promise 

All Our products are dispatched wither same day or next day as we want to receive your purchase quick as possible.

Quality Assurance 

Our products are manufactured with care to ensure we deliver same consistency throughout our range. we are organic, BRC and ISO certified. 



Important Information: This product is not for the treatment of disease or medical conditions. Please ensure you keep hydrated and consume electrolytes as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Do not use this products as medical treatment for which a medical doctor or physician has to be consulted. If you are on any medication (including corticosteroids, diuretics) or suffer from or have a history of intestinal obstruction, inflammatory intestinal diseases, appendicitis, diarrhoea, constipation or abdominal discomfort do not use any products including traditional teas without consulting a medical doctor. Do not use if you currently consume liquorice or use laxatives. Do not use if you are under the age of 18, or if you are pregnant or lactating.