Possible Green Ltd – UK has acquired more than hundred thousand customers since February 2020

As a result of Possible Green Ltd – UK has acquired more than hundred thousand customers since February 2020,  our Sri Lankan manufacturing plant expanding in various locations in the northern part of the country. In the UK we have employed two new staff members.  We share a portion of the profit among all the staff working with us for more than one year, which has increased the productivity exponentially. In order to study the enterprise model of the company the Sri Lankan central bank governor and his team visited Possible Green (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka in 30 th of September. With central banks recommendation, World Bank has approved a matching grant to the plant.

In the UK we have developed a multi-channel  order management system which giant corporates have expressed interest in implementing the same or similar system in their organisations too.  We are planning invest more into the new buying and selling culture in order to gain further customer confidence. We are also planning to introduce a virtual storage system which can be hired by wholesalers from any part of the world in order to evaluate and hire their physical food storage. The website for the Virtual Stock Keeping Unit will be launched in the UK by the end of this year.   

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