Bermuda grass for Healthy Living

It is a pity that the world of today is changing from the once generally adopted healthy living and eating habit to the poor one. In the past, food is considered as medicine and medicine is considered as food;

Papaya leaves – Surprising Health benefits – Papaya leaf tea

The greatest anti-ageing properties of papaya are concentrated in its leaf extract it contains certain enzymes that have dramatic premature ageing fighting properties. Papaya leaf extract is often recommended as part of chemotherapy in some parts of the world.

German Development ministry visited Possible Green (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka

German development ministry officials visited Possible Green (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka along with GIZ and KFW bank. The officials enjoyed our alternative teas and productions. Possible Green (Pvt) Ltd is one of the few enterprises managed and run by women...

Jackfruit leaves – Health benefits

Jackfruit leaves – Health benefits Jackfruit tree is a specie of the mulberry family. This tree is native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the world especially Southeast Asia. Popularly known for its large sweet, tasty and yellow fruit,...
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